Tribute to ETEL ADNAN (1925 – 2021)


Etel Adnan. Copyright Vouvoula Skoura.

Etel Adnan, Itinéraire…
1975, 45’, conversation with Monique Sibille, Archives Télé Liban. French.
In this conversation with journalist Monique Sibille, 50-year-old Etel Adnan looks back on her childhood, the American years, Beirut, poetry, painting, mountains, her relationship with others…

Etel Adnan, Words in exile
2007, 52’, Vouvoula Skoura, English.
For Etel Adnan, the world dawns in Beirut, the city is revisited throughout the film as her idiosyncratic universe is composed in the depiction of closed and open spaces, the interplay of light and darkness, conversations of consequence and of the insignificant and references to her many travels.

Une Ville et une femme
2020, 13, Nicolas Khoury, French with Arabic & English sub.
On August 4, 2020, a large explosion shakes Beirut. All human life disappears. There’s a woman in the city.