Grethe Meyer – The Queen of Danish Design

2022, 61′, directed by Isabel Bernadette Brammer
& Vibeke Muasya. O.V. English subtitles.

Sunday 26 March 2023 at 20:00 Beirut / 20:00 CET
Online screening (Zoom Platform)
Followed by a discussion in English with
Isabel Bernadette Brammer, film director.

Online event



Danish design is known all over the world for its simplicity, functionality and longevity, but most female designers were overlooked and forgotten. This is the story about one of the few pioneering women insisted on creating designs that are still popular today; despite the enormous consequences it had for her.
She managed as a single mother and under difficult financial conditions to work independently. Combining humanist thinking with an almost scientific methodology, she analysed her way into all her designs; working, reworking, testing.
Her name was Grethe Meyer.

Credits: Blåkant Photo by Imerco, COPENHAGEN photo by Georg Jensen, Hvidpot Copenhagen Photo by Grethe Meyer Design, Hvidpot Photo by Grethe Meyer Design, Ildpot Photo by Grethe Meyer Design, Ildpot2 Photo by Grethe Meyer Design, Ildpot3 Photo by Grethe Meyer Design.

Film Director

Isabel Bernadette Brammer holds an MA in Film Editing from the National Film and Television School in the UK and has over 20 years of experience working in the film and television industry in her home country of Denmark. During the past 12 years her passion has been editing feature films and being involved in the creation of many large documentary hybrid series.
In 2016 she inherited the rights to Grethe Meyer’s design portfolio, when Grethe’s daughter passed away and Isabel has now embarked on a mission to raise awareness of the proud design legacy while continuing her work in the film industry. ‘Grethe Meyer – The Queen of Danish Design’ is Isabel’s debut feature documentary.

2019-21: Director on the hybrid documentary “Grethe Meyer – The Queen of Danish Design”
2019-20: Editor on “The New Nurses II + III”, Lars Kaalund & Roni Ezra, SF Film.
2019-19: Editor on ”Frederik IX”, Denmarks Radio.
2018-18: Editor on “The New Nurses”, Roni Ezra, SF Film.
2017-18: Editor on “The art of losing I+II”, Denmark’s Radio.
2016-16: Editor on the feature “Family Christmas II”, Carsten Rudolf, Pixy Film.
2016- : Caretaker of Grethe Meyer’s design portfolio.
2015-16: Editor on the documentary feature “Exit”, Karen Winter, Sant & Usant.
2014-14: Editor on the feature ”The Shamer’s daughter”, Kenneth Kainz, Nepenthe Film.
2013-13: Editor on the feature ”The Cartel”, Charlotte Sachs Bostrup, Nordisk Film.
2010-11: Editor on the documentary feature “The Betrayal”, Karen Winter, NFTS.
2010-12: Master as film editor at National Film & Television School in England.
2006-09: Editor on the documentary feature “The man who saved the world”, Statement Film.
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