Architecture of Infinity

2018, 86’, Christoph Schaub. V.O. with English subtitles.

Sunday 6 December at 4.15 pm.
Théâtre Monnot – Ashrafieh.

Temporality and age are inherent in every object and creature and, depending on one’s outlook, may transcend to infinity. How can this be imagined? What goes beyond it? The filmmaker Christoph Schaub starts his personal journey through time and space in his childhood, when his fascination with sacred buildings began – and his wonder at beginnings and ends. Schaub explores, together with the architects Peter Zumthor, Peter Märkli and Álvaro Siza Vieira, the artists James Turrell and Cristina Iglesias and drummer virtuoso Jojo Mayer, the magic of sacred spaces, defined here as far more than church buildings. Who owns spirituality? The film follows “spiritual life” in architecture and the fine arts, but also in nature, and literally lifts it over and above the limits of thinking. A slightly floating camera immerses us in somnambulistic images, takes us on a sensual and sensing journey through vast spaces, and guides our eye towards the infinity of the starry sky and the depths of the ocean. Past and present, primeval times and light years, it’s all there.

مهرجان بيروت للأفلام الفنية الوثائقية

Certains espaces possèdent une aura, une énergie qui dépasse la perception sensorielle descriptible. Dans son nouveau documentaire Architecture of Infinity, Christoph Schaub explore ce sentiment de transcendance et l’impact émotionnel des espaces, à travers des rencontres avec les architectes Peter Zumthor, Alvaro Siza Vieira, Peter Märkli, et avec les artistes James Turrell, Cristina Iglesias, Jojo Mayer. Dans ce film, Schaub se concentre sur les points d’intersection entre proportion et lumière, et, en visitant des bâtiments sacrés, ressent la relation entre nature et existence. Architecture de l’infini est un voyage vers des lieux où l’on peut ressentir sa propre (in)-finitude.